Expect Kamala Harris To Take The Helm From Joe Biden

Expect Kamala Harris To Take The Helm From Joe Biden

 In July of 2019, I reported on circulating rumors that the Joe Biden and Eric Holder ticket were called off due to the vulnerability of both and that Biden would likely be replaced by Kamala Harris. Although Biden is still plowing forward for now, there’s no telling for how long. 

 The insiders don’t want another Clinton-styled scandal just before the election. There have been whispers of dirt obtained on Biden and-or Holder. Internal files collected from a specific entity, which shall remain unnamed, suggest a disastrous outcome were the insiders to back the Biden-Holder ticket. It won’t happen, they’ve already decided to back Harris instead. Biden is out, whether he wants to believe it or not. 

Although no confirmation regarding Holder has ever emerged, dirt on Joe Biden has. On top of the Tara Reade sexual assault allegation, there are also mounting concerns regarding the past dealings of Biden and his son, Hunter Biden, with Ukraine and China. On top of that, I suspect there is more to come. As far as I’m aware, the real fireworks haven’t popped.  

I believe the establishment Democrats are preparing for Kamala Harris to take the helm from Biden. In other words, she’ll likely be chosen as the VP or will ultimately run as the Democrat nominee following the Democratic National Convention. Either way, it seems obvious that Harris will take a central role in the 2020 election.

In my initial report, I suggested establishment Democrats would have to manufacture, whether incidental or planned, a catalyzing event in order to dramatically alter perception in favor of Harris. Although I suggested this would likely be something related to Jeffrey Epstein or perhaps even something as brazen as a deep fake, I do believe that catalyzing event has arrived. It’s likely the death of George Floyd and everything that’s going to follow.  

The death of Floyd was tragic and indefensible. However, it does not justify the violent and widespread riots that have resulted because of it. It does not serve the American people to further politicize such awful things but that’s precisely what’s happening, which is to be expected at this point.

Going forward, one of the primary tactics of the Biden-Harris campaign will be that of playing into identity politics. This would be particularly difficult considering that Biden himself has repeatedly said racist things. For that reason, I suspect Biden to be on his way out, as I had originally reported. However, establishment insiders may perceive Biden to be salvageable with Harris on board. Personally, I’m of the belief that Biden is out but Clinton and Harris are in.

On top of identity politics becoming a central theme of the 2020 election cycle, just as 2016, I strongly suspect that the establishment insiders will also manufacture yet another “foreign interference” scandal against Trump. If not that, it will have to be something explosive because identity politics and Harris alone won’t be enough. That’s precisely why I believe we can expect to see a Clinton-Harris ticket or Harris-Clinton ticket, on top of other shenanigans.