The Apollo 11 — Masonic Documents & Articles On Buzz Aldrin’s Moon Mission

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The Apollo 11 — Masonic Documents & Articles On Buzz Aldrin’s Moon Mission

 In the House of the Temple ( Masonic Scottish Rite Headquarters ) of D.C., rests the Scottish Rite flag that was taken to the moon by Buzz Aldrin. Here is a Scottish Rite video on the subject that shows the archived display of the flag and relative artifacts and images.

From the Scottish Rite Museum and Library are some relevant images. In the following, a signed image of Aldrin to a fellow Freemason, Ben Lipset, a Lipset poem titled “Mission Accomplished” and NASA’s warm reception to the poem.

Press Photograph signed by Astronaut Buzz Aldrin
Mission Accomplished: A Poem by Ben Lipset, 1969.
NASA’s Reception Of Lipset’s Poem


The New Age Magazine, official magazine of the Supreme Council 33° A.&A. Scottish Rite of Freemasonry in Washington, D.C. December 1969, pg. 34–6

( archived reference )

Astronaut Visits Grand Commander

The history of Masonry in the space age took another step forward on September 16, 1969, when Astronaut Brother Edwin E. Aldrin, Jr., 32°, visited the House of the Temple in Washington. Accompanied by his father, Edwin E. Aldrin, Sr., also a Scottish Rite Mason, Astronaut Aldrin paused in his busy schedule to greet Grand Commander Smith and to present to him the handmade Scottish Rite flag he had taken to the moon.

The flag is made of white silk, measures 22 x 30 centimeters, and is edged by a band of gold. It is embroidered with the words “The Supreme Council, 33°, Southern Jurisdiction, USA” and the motto “Deus Meumque Jus.” It is also decorated with the double-headed eagle, the crown of the Thirty-third Degree, the insignia of the Sovereign Grand Commander, and the insignia of a Master Mason.

On that historic lunar flight from July 16 to 24, 1969, the presence of this flag symbolized Masonry’s universal importance. When man reaches new worlds, Masonry will be there.

Aldrin presenting the Scottish Rite flag: left to right ( Grand Commander Smith, Aldrin, Aldrin’s father, C. Fred Kleinknecht, Jr., C.F. Kleinknecht, Sr., and Aldrin )


Finally, we have a modern source from a popular Masonic website discussing the mission but also includes additional details.

Well, yes, as a matter of fact, we were indeed proud of the Masonic connections with the space program. As much as that seems to irritate the conspiracists.

Might as well let the other cat out of the bag. While he was on the Moon, Brother Aldrin claimed our lunar neighbor for the Masonic jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Texas. Aldrin was a member of Clear Lake Lodge # 1417 in Texas when he stepped onto the surface of the Moon. He carried a special deputation from the Grand Master to claim it as being in the territorial jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Texas.

In the wake of Aldrin’s Masonic space mission, the Grand Lodge of Texas formed Tranquility Lodge №2000, named after Tranquility Base, the location of Apollo 11’s landing. According to the lodge website,

On July 20, 1969, two American Astronauts landed on the moon of the planet Earth, in an area known as Mare Tranquilitatis , or “Sea of Tranquility”. One of those brave men was Brother Edwin Eugene (Buzz) Aldrin, Jr., a member of Clear Lake Lodge №1417, AF&AM, Seabrook, Texas. Brother Aldrin carried with him SPECIAL DEPUTATION of then Grand Master J. Guy Smith, constituting and appointing Brother Aldrin as Special Deputy of the Grand Master, granting unto him full power in the premises to represent the Grand Master as such and authorize him to claim Masonic Territorial Jurisdiction for The Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Texas, Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, on The Moon, and directed that he make due return of his acts. Brother Aldrin certified that the SPECIAL DEPUTATION was carried by him to the Moon on July 20, 1969.

Tranquility Lodge 2000 was Chartered by The Grand Lodge of Texas for the purpose of promoting, encouraging, conducting and fostering the principles of Freemasonry, and to assist in promoting the health, welfare, education and patriotism of children worldwide.

The Grand Lodge of Texas is the first Grand Lodge to have a Member step onto the Moon, Brother Buzz Aldrin, in 1969. Through this event, The Grand Lodge of Texas has Chartered Tranquility Lodge 2000 for the purpose providing Fraternal Assistance to Masonic Organizations and other worthy organizations who help make life better for all living on Earth.

Tranquility Lodge 2000 is based in Texas under auspices of The Grand Lodge of Texas until such time as the Lodge may hold its meetings on the Moon. Our meetings are held quarterly at various cities in Texas, with the annual meeting being held in Waco each July…

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