The Next Impeachment Hoax & Star Witness, Dr. Fauci

The Next Impeachment Hoax & Star Witness, Dr. Fauci

The Fictitious Narrative

On March 21st, the Washington Post reported that Donald Trump had “ignored” intelligence reports starting in January that warned of the scale and severity of the coronavirus outbreak. According to the source, Trump essentially dismissed the threat and wouldn’t do anything about it.

“Donald Trump may not have been expecting this, but a lot of other people in the government were — they just couldn’t get him to do anything about it,” the source proclaims. “The system was blinking red.”

It goes without saying, a narrative is already being set in preparation for yet another impeachment hoax. This time, Trump is supposedly responsible for “the worst intelligence failure in US history.” Democrats will soon launch an investigation into Trump’s handling of the situation. Dr. Fauci will likely be called to testify as Democrat’s star witness in this charade. Because Fauci has already established a habit of contradicting the president, we know he’s a puppet for the Democrats, who are seeking to take advantage of this awful tragedy for their own political gain.


In 2018, Trump established the National Biodefence Strategy. Following the initial intelligence reports on the coronavirus, he also assembled a unified task force in preparation for the virus. On the same day, January 30th, he signed a presidential proclamation to temporarily suspend entry of foreign nationals into the U.S. The newly established task force then gave a briefing outlining all necessary restrictions and precautions to combat the emerging threat. Despite these glaring facts, Democrats are going to push yet another impeachment hoax to the forefront of their agenda. Meanwhile, our nation will still be suffering in the aftermath of the virus. Many will have lost their job, house, and perhaps even loved ones.

Of course, like the Mueller and Ukraine hoax, this impeachment attempt will also fail. Nevertheless, Democrats believe it will damage Trump’s reelection prospects, so they will do it anyway. Does this sound familiar to you? That’s because it is. In April of 2018, I predicted that the Mueller hoax would backfire, only increasing public support for Trump. Currently, his approval rating is at an all time high.