The 2020 Trump-Harris Scandal

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  The establishment insiders initially planned a Biden-Holder ( Joe Biden, Eric Holder ) presidential campaign. The idea was straight-forward, get Trump out of the White House and suppress deep state revelations and mishaps, especially that of the Russia hoax and Epstein variant. Afterward, they would focus on “fixing” relations with Iran and in essence, restoring the Obama legacy. However, I believe the Biden-Holder angle was scrapped because both are vulnerable. The insiders don’t want another Clinton-styled scandal just before the election. There have been whispers of dirt obtained on Biden and-or Holder. Internal files collected from a specific entity, which shall remain unnamed, suggest a disastrous outcome were the insiders to back the Biden-Holder ticket. It won’t happen, they’ve already decided to back Harris instead. Biden is out, whether he wants to believe it or not. At some point, Obama will endorse Harris.

So, with that said, here’s what I’m expecting to happen leading up to and following the 2020 election. Artificial intelligence, which has accurately predicted presidential elections for years, will predict Trump’s successful reelection. However, Trump may not be elected if the Obama-Clinton circle are able to shift perception dramatically, just as had been done with Clinton via WikiLeaks. This time, Harris will be the benefactor, not Trump. 

Although the “Russian interference” angle is not definitive, it wouldn’t be surprising if say, there’s a “Russian hack” of electrical grids, vote machines, or whatever fairytale they decide to spin. Of particular concern, all of the “deep fake” fear-mongering lately, which is either a defensive or offensive maneuver. A lot of this fear-mongering stems from CNN, which features as a contributor, James Clapper, who warned of underage-pornography being planted by Russians. That suggests a defensive angle, think Weiner laptop or Epstein but it could also be foreshadowing of an offensive plot. 

Based on everything that’s happened, I expect Democrats to leverage investigations into Trump’s past dealings to accomplish their goal. The goal being an “explosive”, “bombshell”, “shocking” report published by the Washington Post around October, intended to sway the election in favor of Harris just after she gets Obama’s endorsement. It’s going to be something nasty, something that has to really sway voters, such as a fabrication of closer relations to Jeffrey Epstein or something of that nature. Don’t be surprised if it’s a deep fake that’s later debunked.